Jack Petchey Acheivement Award Scheme


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“The Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999 to enable young people, to achieve their potential by inspiring, invesing in, developing and promoting activities that increase their personal, social, emotional and physical development. Since its inception £85 million has been invested to support this aim.”


Kingston Young Carers’ Project has been running a successful Silver Achievement Awards Scheme since 2015, which means we can give out 6 awards per year!


What is the award for?

It can be for anything you think should be celebrated! Achievements can include:

•           Helping others over and above expectations

•           Being a good role model/mentor

•           Showing bravery

•           Overcoming a personal challenge

•           Volunteering

•           Trying really hard

•           Breaking through a personal barrier


What do the winners get?

•           A framed certificate & badge

•           £250 to spend on something that will benefit YCP (e.g. a trip)

•           Membership of the JPF Achievers Community

•           A chance to go to a celebration event to be recognised on stage, with family and friends!


Votes and Nominations

You can nominate your fellow young carers (they have to be 11-25) for an achievement award and we will include them in the next round of votes! Just let a staff member know who you would like to vote for


Votes will be collected in the first half of each term, either using the form below or at an activity. We will then announce the winners once all votes have been counted!


Case Studies

The Deadline for voting in this round is Friday 27th October

Case Study 1

This young person has been nominated for always being kind and friendly to everyone around them

Case Study 2

This young person has been nominated for being an amazing friend to others in the project and always being supportive

Case Study 3

This young person has been a fantastic help in contributing feedback to us and engaging in activities

Case Study 4

This young person has been nominated for being committed to everything they do and always being supportive despite what is going on in their own lives

Case Study 5

This young person has been nominated for making a huge contribution to activities. They have a great ability to get along with everyone and are always ready to try new things



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